Calculate Energy Cost Saving for Australia  
AOpen Digital Engine VS Standard Desktop Solution
AOpen Digital Engine Desktop PC
Total number of devices in use

Watt per device
Fill in the total number of Watt(W) used per device. For example a standard desktop PC using 150W versus an AOpen Digital Engine using 50W equals to 150W-50W=100W saved.

Daily use in hours
Fill in the average daily use of the device (in hours)
Operation Days
Fill in the average use of the device ( in days per year)
Operation Years
Fill in the amount of years that the system is operational
Price/(cents per kWh) Check out Price range at state average consumption at right.
Calculate for AUD saved
Source:Aurora ENERGY www.auroraenergy.com.au Your electricity prices explained report
Residential electricity
State/Territory Price range at state average consumption (cents per kWh)
Australian Capital Territory 16.3
Victoria 20.3–25.2
Tasmania 20.9–22.8
New South Wales 19.3–26.2
Queensland 19.5–20.6
South Australia 20.2–25.4
Northern Territory 20.8–21.0
Western Australia 21.7–23.0